Writers/Beatmakers Block

Have you ever, which I'm sure that you have as a fellow Beatmaker/Producer, or will certainly find your self one day, overcome with that dreaded disease called (Writers Block). https://itsgratuitous.com/how-to-beat-beat-block-producers-block/

You will wake up one day feeling kind of out of sorts go through your usual routine, sit down and take your place at whatever medium that you use to create another top notch beat and instead of creating it's as if your fingers aren't working as they should or perhaps its your mind, your not sure. You put your hands in all the right places on your keyboard, your pads, your strings, but nothing seems to string together, no pun intended. You may also notice other symptoms like, a clouded thought process, no new ideas, paralysis of the brain maybe.

Also, you'll notice that even if you do get all of these body parts to work somewhat as they should, nothing of any significance is produced. If you find yourself with the above symptoms, you've probably caught yourself a case of it and here's what I found to be a few good cures.

1. Rest Up - There's nothing like taking a little time off from that which we put just about all of our time and effort into. Just like anyone else in any other profession, to give it your all every day and not take any time to recuperate would become detrimental.

So go outdoors, www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDThlZE-LLY do some sports/aerobics, have some fun in the sun if you can, do or finish some projects around the house that you have been putting off for too long, you might actually enjoy doing them. Anything to take your mind off of the music for a while.

2. Listen to other people's music. - After you rest, your brain is gonna be fresh and you should start filling it with new ideas. Listening to other artists' or producers' music is an excellent way of doing this. Listen to radio stations, Youtube or even other websites, not to try and copy them but just for fresh ideas and also keeping abreast of what type of beats are popular today.

3. Stock Up on New Samples. - Stocking up on new and varied samples and sample libraries is a really good and fun way to cure that disease and also become even better at your craft. They come in so many ways, sounds and genres that you couldn't get writer's block if you wanted to. Now keep in mind that I'm not saying that all you have to do is, and remember we are talking about royalty free samples here, just to make that clear. I'm not saying just take and use someone else's samples every time you want to make a new beat. The art here is to not just use them as is but go deeper. Chop them up, make a whole new arrangement from them. Speed it up, slow it down, add delay, reverb, it will all benefit your creativity in the long run.

Listening and going through your new samples and libraries will also aid you in producing fresh beats from scratch with your libraries, so download, dig in and get creatin inspirational beats.


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